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I will exchange a city for a sunset, the tramp of legions for a wind’s wild cry, and all the braggard thrusts of steel triumphant for one far summit, blue against the sky.”

(Marie Blake)







Boy Scouts Merit Badge Weekend


Oct. 19-21, 2018 at Hone Quarry USFS Campground near Harrisonburg VA


Come join us for a camping weekend, to work on either the Rock Climbing Merit Badge or the Backpacking Merit Badge


Rock Climbing Merit Badge


·        We will head to Hidden Rocks near the Hone Quarry Campground, to climb and rappel all day, and then Sunday until noon. 

·        Merit Badge booklets will be sent out beforehand to let you practice your knots, and go through the First Aid Requirements.

·        Participants should dress for hiking each day: hiking footwear, daypack, lunch, and ample water.  Bug repellant and camera are optional.  WILD GUYde Adventures will also supply each participant with a harness, helmet, and climbing shoes. 

·        Cost is $90 per participant (scout and adult); One adult leader will be comped for every 5 scouts participating from a single troop.

·        Lester Zook is a Merit Badge Instructor for this patch with the Stonewall Jackson Council.  Lester is a certified Single Pitch Climbing Instructor with the American Mountain Guides Association, and an Instructor Provider with the Professional Climbing Instructors' Association.



Backpacking Merit Badge


·        This group will meet at the Hone Quarry Campground at 3 PM on Friday Oct. 19 to gear up, and depart for the nearby Wild Oak Trail shortly thereafter.  The trip group will return to the Hone Campground by noon on Sunday Oct. 21. 

·        This trip meets the standard for one of the three required backpacking trips for this Merit Badge.  Participants will also learn most of the content and information needed for them to go on and complete the other trip requirements afterwards (stove cooking, map and compass, stream crossing, food hanging, trip planning, etc.). 

·        Participants will receive a suggested gear list beforehand, and will also be asked to bring a few food items to contribute to the group menu. 

·        Cost is $80 per participant (scout and adult); One adult leader will be comped for every 5 scouts participating from a single troop.

·        Ethan Zook is a Merit Badge Instructor for this patch with the Stonewall Jackson Council.  Ethan is a nationally registered paramedic, and a Wilderness Medical Instructor with NOLS Wilderness Medicine. 



What do I do next?


REPLY to or call 540-433-1637 to register your interest, and to make sure there are open slots remaining.  Then download and print the Medical Form/Participant Agreement, and the what-to-bring list, and start to gather your gear.  We will send you the pre-trip info for each badge so you can start recruiting your guys.    



Other Activity Ideas


WILD GUYde Adventures also offers half-day Wild Caving adventures (year-round, at Beginner and Intermediate levels), Rock Climbing and Rappelling days (March through October), and Canoe Trips on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River (May through August).  Click on the links to the left for more info, and then call us to get on the calendar early.


In addition, our Adventure, Learning, and Leadership INstitute (ALL IN) provides leadership development, experiential teambuilding, and action consulting for  organizations, corporations and non-profits.   Get in touch with us to start a conversation about how we can contribute to your organization's success.    



Some other details


·        Lester R. Zook is the WILD GUYde.  He is a Wilderness First Responder, and is a certified member of the American Mountain Guides Association (Single Pitch Instructor), and the Professional Climbing Instructors' Association.

·        WGA’s guiding season is 7 days a week May through August, and weekends in the spring and fall.  Call early to reserve; weekends in particular can fill quickly.  

·        WILD GUYde will provide all technical equipment (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.).  A personal things-to-bring list will be provided.

·        We can also help with lodging ideas.  We can recommend from primitive to posh – National Forest campgrounds, drive-up motels, and some delightful Bed and Breakfast inns!

·        These activities have inherent risks; that’s the meaning of the word adventure.  Clients will be asked to fill out a Medical Form/Participant Agreement to participate.  Some activities are physically strenuous, emotionally demanding, or require sustained cognitive attention to task and detail.  We make every effort to create a great day, but WGA guides do reserve the prerogative to deny access/participation if, in our judgment, the client is not likely to be successful.  Clients also may not be “under the influence” of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of the event.

·        A half-day is an experience lasting up to 4 hours, from trailhead to trailhead.   A paying client is anyone who leaves the vehicle with the adventure group, regardless of their level of subsequent participation.  

·        Group Discount:  For groups of 10 or larger, we disregard the starter fee, and simply bill the per-person rate. 

·        Payment is requested at the event.  Payment by cash or check (made out to WGA); unfortunately, credit card payments cannot be accepted at this time.  Gratuities are never expected, and always appreciated.

·        WGA is a permitee with the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests, and along Virginia’s Blue Ridge.  WGA practices environmental stewardship, and is a member of the Access Fund, the National Speleological Society, the Harrisonburg Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, the Christian Adventure Association, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  WGA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.